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Concierge Primary Care & Weight Management located in Midtown East, New York, NY
Telemedicine services in NY, NJ, FL, WI, and WY


Recognizing the gap in conventional care, Dr. Elizabeth Sharp founded Health Meets Wellness to provide holistic care that focuses on whole-body health. Health Meets Wellness offers concierge medicine and wellness services for adults in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan, New York, and via Telehealth. Elizabeth Sharp, MD, IFMCP, and the skilled HMW team personalize strategies to support longevity and optimize wellness. HMW’s unique model offers customized precision medicine through annual membership plans.

Health Meets Wellness memberships combine medicine, exercise, and nutrition to provide comprehensive, tailored care to achieve specific health goals. Our Holistic Primary Care and Weight Management memberships are designed to foster approachable solutions for maintainable results.

The HMW Method begins with an integrative wellness consultation and provides patients with personalized programs for medicine management, nutrition, and strength training.

Weight Management

The Health Meets Wellness Holistic Weight Management program includes biometric and strength assessments which allow the HMW team to personalize medicine, exercise, and nutrition interventions. Patients in the HMW Holistic Weight Management membership have consistent support from the HMW team and are provided with the tools for maintainable weight loss results.

Integrative Primary Care

The Health Meets Wellness Holistic Primary Care memberships include the offerings in our Holistic Weight Management program with the additional benefit of concierge Primary Care medicine. Each membership specializes in integrative wellness consultations that include specialized diagnostic testing based on a chosen health focus such as aging and longevity, fatigue, hair loss, gut health, inflammation, and more. In our Signature Membership, patients will select a specific With our Elite membership members can choose an unlimited amount of health goals. Once the health focus is determined, the team performs patient-specific advanced testing for gut microbiome testing, genetic testing, and biometric assessments to gain clarity about an individual’s health needs.

Through holistic wellness strategies and personalized attention, the Health Meets Wellness team guides individuals toward healthier lifestyles, enhanced physical fitness, and improved mental and emotional wellness.

Flexible appointments are available for visits, and the team meets with members in the office and through an online telemedicine platform. Membership also provides access to the care coordinator on staff to assist with referrals to specialists and other medical services.

The HMW Method

By combining our three pillars of Health: Medicine, Exercise, and Nutrition, our HMW Method ensures our patients have the strategies for lifelong health and wellness. 

Our concierge medicine program starts with our signature wellness visit
The Health Meets Wellness Method is grounded in daily movement practices.
We blend medicine with nutrition to improve your health and help you look and feel your best.