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 Invest in integrative medical care, nutrition, and weight management for happier, healthier employees

Employee Benefits with the HMW Method

Healthcare can be complicated, but we make it simple with our high-touch, concierge medicine memberships that offer customized primary care, nutrition, and exercise plans.  
Employees will receive one-on-one wellness and nutrition visits with baseline medical testing to select their personal health goals, and receive a curated exercise and nutrition program. Our exercise program is designed by the elite sport science team for the Milwaukee Bucks.
Achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is made easy with our HMW App. Employees can access their custom meal plans and fitness routines from the comfort of their own home.
All members receive easy access to in-office or telehealth appointments.  

Company Benefits with HMW

Our corporate packages are designed to support your team in a holistic way, with direct 1:1 care for each individual and additional group events to keep their well-being top of mind throughout the year.

Corporate Package Perks

  • Reduced membership rates
  • Onsite wellness events
  • Company-branded wellness newsletters
  • Consultations with meal management staff
  • Quarterly educational health webinars
  • Access to discounted health supplements

According To The CDC, Healthier Employees Are More Productive

Healthier Employees are less likely to miss work



Increase in work days missed due to obesity in women



Increase in work days missed due to obesity in men


Cost savings of providing a workplace health program can be measured against

Absenteeism among employees
Reduced overtime to cover absent employees
Costs to train replacement employees