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Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness services offered in the greater Midtown East, New York, NY area

If you’re looking for health care services that address more than just your symptoms, you can benefit from the holistic wellness services available at Health Meets Wellness. Elizabeth Sharp, MD, IFMCP, and the medical team take a whole-person approach to addressing acute and chronic health issues. In addition to comprehensive diagnostic testing, the team provides personalized wellness plans to optimize your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Call the Midtown East, Manhattan, New York office to schedule a holistic wellness consultation or book an appointment online today. 

Holistic Wellness Q & A

What is holistic wellness?

Holistic wellness is an approach that considers all aspects of your health to promote physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual wellness.

The holistic wellness services available at Health Meets Wellness empower you to be actively involved in decisions about your health, lifestyle, and nutrition.

The medical specialists view you as a whole person rather than just a list of symptoms and recommend a range of holistic strategies you can use to stay physically fit and active. 

They also combine traditional medicine with functional medicine therapies to optimize your existing health and support your longevity.

What holistic wellness services are available?

Health Meets Wellness offers a range of holistic wellness services in-office, through telemedicine, and via an online app. These services include:

  • Yoga sessions
  • Meditation practices
  • Herbal and dietary supplements
  • Botanicals
  • Personalized exercise routines
  • Nutritional counseling and meal planning

The team also offers specialized diagnostic testing services, including gut microbiome testing, hormone evaluations, body composition analysis, and strength testing. 

The results of these assessments help the providers customize a wellness plan to your individual health needs and unique health challenges.

What are the benefits of holistic wellness?

The holistic wellness services available at Health Meets Wellness offer many benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. The holistic specialists believe that all parts of your body are connected, and when properly balanced, good health is possible.

Identifying and treating imbalances in any of your biological systems can significantly reduce your risk for a number of acute illnesses and chronic diseases. Your multidisciplinary team includes a physician, dietitian, holistic wellness coach, and care coordinator who all work together to optimize your health and the outcomes of your treatment.

Because the team considers all factors that influence your health, they can make recommendations for lifestyle and diet changes that help your body heal itself from the inside out.

Their holistic strategies can also reduce your reliance on medications, address underlying nutritional deficiencies, prevent certain diseases, and rebuild the mind-body connection that supports your long-term wellness.

Call Health Meets Wellness to schedule a holistic wellness consultation or book an appointment online today.